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Our Story

Who are we?

Modern Crew is a next generation Men’s Innerwear brand. We design products which are best in class, innovative and unimaginably comfortable. We are driven by a zeal to make products that are game changing & class apart. We focus on what’s most important – comfort and fit, and utilize technology to deliver the best.


We believe every man is exceptional & he continuously strives to become a better version of himself - whether it is as a parent, husband, son, worker, employee, citizen or human. This spirit of betterment and constant evolution is what challenges and drives us to do better. When we noticed that innerwear segment has stayed stagnant in last few decades and lacked any new ideas and Innovation, we set out to create something that was better.


Our values stand for challenging the status quo, breaking the mold of mediocrity and creating new possibilities. “Modern Crew” brand stands for challenging the existing standards and pushing boundaries for “outstanding comfort”.

Our product promises to deliver

Best in class experience

We design product that stands apart in its category. we do not believe in incremental improvement but significant difference. That’s why our product provides truly world class quality with no compromises

Elegant designs

Enough with same boring colors and Ill-fitting design. Our next generation design - Flat seams, high grade heat seals, elastic leg openings, longer Inseams, sizing are engineered to provide the best fitting and most stylish underwear for the modern age man

Great Value for money

We believe in fair transparent pricing without luxury overcharges. We are here to delight our customers with a truly world class product at a price which is fair and affordable