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Our Fabric

Our Flagship product “Next Skin” uses MicroModal as base fiber - constructed from an exclusive, non-pilling MicroModal fabric sourced from Beechwood trees. It is super soft, luxurious and wraps around your body just like your skin, hence “Next Skin”.

MicroModal is known for its quality of premium softness. It is silky and soft in touch, and feels light against the skin. It is also a thinner fabric which makes it quite breathable and gives it excellent moisture management property.

Did you know ?

  • This fabric is 3 times softer than cotton
  • This fabric is 50% better than cotton in managing sweat / moisture

Its ability to give you a feeling of unparallel softness and coolness makes MicroModal a great choice for men’s innerwear

We understand the dynamics of male bodies and understand how easy & frequent it is to gain / lose a few kilograms. Therefore, we selected the fabric which is 2 times more stretchable than commonly used innerwear fabrics. This gives you a superior fitting innerwear as it wraps around your body like your skin. So, for an “L” size whether your waist size is 35” or 38”, our product is guaranteed to provide you a consistently great fit. As a bonus, even if you happen to gain a few kgs the product would still fit you excellently. So, customers who always struggle to find their right size because of boundary sizing won’t have sizing problem anymore.

From an environment sustainability perspective, MicroModal is a far better alternative than regular cotton. MicroModal is derived from beech trees