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  • DESIGN: Great workmanship and innovation – Contour pouch, horizontal fly, stay put legs, soft & wide waistband. Keeps you cool, dry and confident all day long in every situation
  • FABRIC: Crafted with finest micro modal stretch fabric, Modern Crew underwear gives you the perfect combination of stretch and softness
  • COMFORT: You have enough to think during the day, that’s why we keep you in continual comfort and doesn’t occupy your mind when you wear it

The first and foremost garment you put on consistently is your underwear. But picking the best men’s underwear for your body can be somewhat interesting. There are numerous elements that have an impact when you choose if you should buy briefs.

Eventually, only your style, comfort and certainty are the main variables in picking the correct men’s innerwear. Briefs come on the whole forms and shapes, a question pops up,  which one to wear and what would suit your body properly and what might be the best underwear for men? Here are a few hints to pick the most appropriate underwear for men the next time you step out to buy one for yourself. 

You would think that it is one of the simplest choices of the day to make, yet it is surprisingly more complicated than it looks like. Because of its concealed nature, not many individuals commit a lot of time choosing the sort of underwear they should wear or discover a variety of men’s underwear brands. Therefore, they wind up wearing an uncomfortable undergarment throughout the day. 

Why Choose Briefs from Modern Crew? 

Well, first and foremost reason, Briefs are adaptable, and point of fact the most exemplary innerwear that a modern man can ask for. They totally cover your front as well as your rear, leaving a significant part of the thigh open. Since there is no overabundance material, briefs for men can be worn easily with basically any outfit. Briefs will likewise give you significant help to maintain things in control. 

Notwithstanding their adaptability, briefs give an exceptionally interesting outline by giving less texture and showing a greater amount of the thigh. Your entire leg is noticeable as briefs are cut at the highest point of the thigh.

Beyond question, Modern Crew's micro-modal is the ideal texture for men's innerwear. The texture is 2 times softer as opposed to cotton and about 1.5 times better at absorbing. It doesn't wick and is durable. Our Micro-Modal briefs are made with 10% spandex, making it 360 degrees stretchable and multiple times more stretchable than any underwear accessible on the lookout. 

The increased structural integrity of underwear is intended to last more with Modern Crew's micro-modal. The purchasing of underwear would go from a task to an encounter. Wearing micro-modal underwear is its very own encounter. We needed to make our underwear from a texture that is energizing to wear, as a feature of our conviction that Underwear is Art, and Micro Modal was the solitary sensible choice to achieve that.

To know more about our briefs’ collection you can check them out at our website and experience them yourself.