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Why underwear is more than just a piece of clothing?

  • Modern Crew

Without the right pair of underwear, no wardrobe is complete. It might be an understatement but underwears probably are the most essential piece of your outfit any day!

The value of underwear is often downplayed by many men nowadays, with an assumption that the distinction between wearing underwear or going without it merely comes down to personal choices and preferences. The irony in this situation is that in your everyday attire, your underwear plays a vital role. Underwear is not just a factor of personal choice but is it a very pragmatic piece of clothing and you should know why.

Underwear is actually the first pair of clothing you put on every day. It basically becomes the foundation of your entire outfit. Thus, picking the best underwear for men becomes equally important for everyone. And with Modern Crew’s luxury innerwear collection, you can end your search. With Modern Crew’s underwear, you feel not just more comfortable but more confident as well since there is no scope of itching or snagging around your intimate areas.

Although underwear is a very practical part of your wardrobe, it is also key to your overall aesthetic appeal. We believe that when someone really wants to be unique and different, underwear describes an individual, which is why men’s underwear needs to be made and viewed as an artwork. You set yourself apart as one of a kind by managing your clothes like a piece of art.

For this same cause, Modern Crew’s underwear looks just as amazing as it feels when worn. Modern Crew’s Micro modal fabric give you the best in class innerwear experience. It is 3X softer than cotton and 2X more stretchable than any other fabrics out there providing 360 degrees stretchability.

In general, the sole of all underwears lies that providing comfort to the customer but Modern Crew’s underwear provide more than just that. Our underwear provides you with a layer of a smooth Micro modal fabric that can mould and shift according to your body and ensure you feel relaxed all day. Micro modal fabric will protect your most sensitive areas from rubbing which can cause discomfort. This is the main reason that we blend Micro modal in our luxury innerwear.

At Modern Crew, we believe that you deserve to wear a properly tailored, exclusive masterpiece that, while still looking elegant and attractive, gives you the versatility you need. Thus, if you want to shop for the best underwear for men, Modern Crew’s innerwear must be your go-to products!