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Why to Invest in Premium Underwears - An Explanation

  • Saurabh Bisht

A constant tussle that revolves around men brains is WHY?

Why do I need to buy premium underwear online which is expensive?
But aren’t all underwears look & feel the same?
What’s the difference and how does it matter?

As a matter of fact, all does matter. Two different underwears might look same, however, there are multiple reasons why you should choose premium underwear over any regular one.

We will be sharing a few reasons which would help you in making the right decision -

1. Decked Up, Inside-Out

If you’re one of those men who love suits and have an eye for fabric and other detailing, it’s equally important for you to have the same comfort & detailing while choosing your underwears. A regular underwear can spoil the joy of your dressing & can give unimaginable discomfort. It can cause serious skin irritation and allergies down there, and who would want that? If you are not comfortable from inside, then it’s a serious problem.

2. Rest Day, Is It?

There are some days when all you want to do is sit back and relax. You don’t think either about the work or the responsibilities that you have for the day. On such days, you need a super comfortable underwear to add to your sense of ease. Premium underwears are as soft as a feather and you’ll even forget that you are wearing something at all!

3. Sustainable, Because We Care

Modern Crew ‘Next Skin’ premium underwear is made of Modal fabric. The Modal fibers are naturally obtained from Beech Tree pulps. It is added with 10% Elastane to make it ultra-stretchy and durable maintaining the carbon foot prints for the environment.

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