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Why should you buy underwear with great stretchability?

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Underwears have been underdogs in the men fashion industry for a long time. Surely they’re a personal choice but that also makes them a garment that does not come up often in chats. Not many people are much educated on the product and the ones who are, don’t really see the necessity to talk about them.

Your underwear is your forever partner, something that stays with you through and through. Be it the harsh weather or sunshine every day, it is something that sticks and never leaves. And that, among many other reasons, makes it the most important aspect of a man’s wardrobe.

Now a question arises, what are all the elements that constitute the ideal underwear for us? Now, we’ve talked a lot about fiber, sustainability, breathability etc., in our previous blogs, so we’re not here to bore you with pre-existing knowledge again and again. But if you’re new to this domain and want to explore the world of undies, then don’t hesitate to read about them here.

Coming back to the original question, Underwear stretchability plays a major role in the overall wellness of your assets. Not only is it an important aspect in the breathability, it is also linked to your health and fertility. Surprising right?

Modern Crew has been striving hard to bring the best fit for you right at your doorstep. Our collection of premium, luxury innerwear brings you the best of all the worlds from breathability, class, richness of colors to, of course, stretchability. Say goodbye to loose, baggy underwears and bid adieu to those irritating stretch marks at the end of the day. A tight underwear would be one less thing for you to worry about whenever you buy innerwear for men from Modern Crew.

Modern Crew’s underwear made with the perfect blend of Micro-modal fabric and Spandex in the right ratio of 90:10, gives you 2x the stretchability than your normal innerwears. Along with the softness of the fabric, the innerwear moulds in accordance to your body shape. That, not only gives you a consistent and fitting feel but also wraps cleanly sparing you the discomfort of irritating stretch marks.

With the festive season fast approaching, those few extra kilos are right around the corner, we guarantee you that your underwear will be the last thing you would have to care about. Forget all your worries of stretches as we’re here to stay with you in all the losses and gains. So, feel free to move around this festive season with the comfort and stretch of Modern Crew.

Get your own pair right away from the website and forget irritation from a tight underpants like never before.