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What makes Underwear a Luxury?

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No outfit is complete without the right underwear. In fact, your underwear might just be the most important part.

Far too many men downplay the importance of their underwear, thinking that the difference between wearing underwear or going without it simply comes down to personal preference. The truth is that your underwear plays a critical role in your wardrobe. 

Underwear is not only a fashion statement, but it’s also a very practical article of clothing. The right pair of underwear is going to set a solid foundation for your outfit, provide you with comfort and support, and make a statement about who you are.

The undergarments for men are not just about basic colours or styles. Comfort, style, colour and fabric are the four attributes which need to be considered for men’s underwear. Apart from this, the industry is also coming up with innovations and ideas to make your innerwear interesting and wearable.

While the fashion industry is on a spree with the evolution of briefs, a new section of luxury men’s underwear has been introduced. When one says luxury, it almost means a very expensive product or service. But what if we tell you that you can easily afford luxury underwear men collection?



You have absolutely read that right! At Modern Crew, we provide you with the best of fabric, comfort, colour and style. Luxury men’s underwear is now affordable and stylish as ever.

The concept behind it being luxury is first, the fabric, Micro Modal which is extremely comfortable and stretchy. Micro Modal is simply the microfiber version of Modal fabric. It is finer than Modal and therefore is durable and super soft to the touch.

It’s also more breathable and explains why Micro Modal is also used in bed sheets that keep you cool at night. Micro Modal is the finest fibre in the Modal family and provides incredible comfort, breathability and suppleness. It is 3 times softer than cotton and gives you utmost innerwear comfort.

It was long back when underwear meant only white briefs. The category evolved so much that now it has lots and lots of colour and variations. Researchers have proved that colour selection is also a criterion for choosing underwear nowadays and we, at Modern Crew provide you with the best of colours.

Explore yourself here: 

The third and most important criterion is comfort. Apart from fabric, colours and styles the most important is comfort. If there is no comfort in the underwear, you definitely wouldn’t buy it. Thus, the fabric used by us ticks this criterion in the best possible way.



Last but not least is the style. The styles of underwear are also one of the contributing factors in the purchase of the essentials. Nowadays men prefer various styles in this department, few of the famous ones being briefs and trunks.

Summing up, we firmly believe that Comfort, Colour, Style and Fabric are the factors which make underwear a luxury. Don’t believe us? Check out yourself: