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Sustainable Clothing - Need of the hour

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Finding a closet loaded with sustainable clothing is the perfect fantasy for those who are captivated by the world of sustainable fashion. Thoughts of handmade jackets and too-soft-to-be-real silk are romantic, but let's be honest, just as soon as we see the price tag, these fantasies take a back seat.

Sustainability is significant in fashion, particularly because the fashion industry is one of the world's largest polluters. But sustainably manufactured clothing is not something everybody can afford.

Underwear may not be the most fascinating topic to converse about, especially when it applies to sustainable fashion as a whole, but it is worn by all. For individuals with smaller budgets, purchasing sustainably made underwear may be the ideal baby steps towards sustainable clothing.

We at Modern Crew bring to you eco-friendly and sustainable branded underwear online at reasonable prices, taking our first step towards protecting mother Earth. Modern Crew believes that to make a difference, we have to stand for values we care and the choices we make should set us apart from others.  And that’s why, our Micromodal fabric stands apart from another other fabric because it is sustainable, eco-friendly, uses less water and 90% bio-degradable.


One of the key aspects of any garment is its fabric. Quality, comfort, feel, longevity and performance of the garment is determined by its fabric. And that's why Micro modal was selected for our innerwear products. Micromodal is naturally sourced from Beechwood trees grown in Europe. It is soft, luxurious, breathable, moisture-wicking and perfect for great underwear.

Without a doubt, Modern Crew’s Micromodal is the best fabric to purchase branded underwear online. Micromodal is also three times softer and much better at absorbing moisture. The fabric is durable and it doesn’t shrink or ride up while wearing.

The fibre developed by the Modern Crew has a special composition and incorporate 10 per cent spandex, which makes it 2 times stretchable than any of the fibres in the market and provides 360 degree stretchability.

Apart from the sustainability of the fabric, Micromodal is so soft on the skin that wearing it is the only best way to understand how comfortable it is for most guys. Micromodal has the feeling of silk that is much smoother than cotton. It's cool to the touch, glides effortlessly over the body, and even against the most vulnerable areas of the body, it won't feel scratchy.

Each purchase that you make counts. If no one encourages the idea of sustainability, what good is a sustainable brand for? What you want to wear reveals a little bit about you, and sustainable choices reflect that you care. Even beginning tiny with something as basic as underwear will make a huge difference since sustainable clothing is the need of the hour!