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Perfect Fit for the Perfect Man! Types of Men’s Modal Underwear

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Gone are the days when topics like men’s underwear were all hush-hush and people used to shy away and get the basic tighty-whities. To suit your body fit and your fashion needs, there are different types of underwear you can explore. Modern crew offers you various styles and body fit to suit your custom needs. Every style has its own pros and cons and from Modal underwear to trunks, briefs and short trunks we have a complete guide to take you through this task:


Briefs are often considered the most comfortable of the lot, if not the roomiest. Sitting below your navel and right at the waist, they leave your legs exposed but cover all the essentials. Briefs are most chosen by men who are athletic and want a bit of compactness, without crushing anything.

Next Skin Men Modal Underwear  Briefs from Modern Crew come in ten different shades of colour- ( Navy Peony, JetBlack, Winetasting, Quarryand Blue Lagoon, Bright white , Ever green , Waveride blue ,Cherry  Red and Turbulence Grey) 


These briefs have zero tags and zero itchiness, the silk elastic feels super comfortable against your waist and doesn’t leave any marks and there is a contour pouch to provide breathing. Micromodal Briefs also come with a quick access fly to save you from any trouble when an emergency arrives.


Trunks are super popular with people who want a bit of room and want some of their thighs covered. Sitting at the waist, trunks provide the same comfort of briefs but have enough room for you to move around. People who wear suits and who are generally on the go would prefer trunks to briefs because of the comfort. 

Modal Trunks from Modern Crew are made from fabric of European Beech wood trees that provides 50% better absorption than cotton and are completely natural. The ultrasoft waistband provides a great, satin soft experience around the waist and keeps things snug- not tight. Trunks have an annoying habit of “riding-up” which looks and feels awkward but the Next Skin trunks have a special design that keeps this at bay. 

Modal Trunks

Short Trunks

Combing the best of both worlds, Modal underwear short trunks are bigger than briefs and smaller than trunks and effectively kills two birds with one stone- they provide great room and get rid of “riding-up”. They are also the best “transition underwear” if you want to explore either briefs or trunks. Coming in various style, short trunks sit right at your waist to give you the same great feeling of having a free stomach.

Short Trunks

This was our comprehensive list of Modal underwear for men. At Modern Crew, you can get the best choice in premium men’s underwear which provide a great fit and a luxurious feel. We make sure that you get the best.