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Micro-Modal vs Cotton: Which is better suited for underwear

  • Modern Crew

While shopping for gents innerwear we are usually evaluating fabric, style, colors, fitting, etc. Here, fabric plays an essential role in providing you the desired comfort.

While gent's innerwears are produced in various fabrics, Indian innerwear market is dominated by two fabrics: Micro modal and Cotton. Cotton has been the most dominant fabric for apparels for over a century and in common knowledge considered as ‘best’, but when you care for softness, moisture management and resistance to shrinking and pilling Micro Modal is the fabric you would like to go with.

Basic innerwear? Cotton

Cotton is actually a basic fabric. It’s durable, inexpensive, and readily available in the market. It's a light and sturdy textile, but it also comes with some drawbacks of its own. Cotton breaks down at a much quicker rate than micro modal, thus it pills very soon. After a few months of wear and washes, cotton underwear can further lose its colour, its form, and softness. As time passes by, your underwear becomes ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and can cause rashes and/or body odour. 

Luxury innerwear? Micro modal must be your pick! 

Modal is a sustainable fiber extracted from beechwood trees and is known for its premium softness. It is further processed to make it even finer and then it becomes a micro modal. To the touch, it is very silky and feels light on the skin. On top of that, Micro modal is also very breathable and wicks moisture well. For gent's innerwear, the cumulative experience of its unmatched softness and cool fit against the body makes it a perfect pick.

Modern Crew's Micro modal is, without any doubt, the best fabric for men’s innerwear. In comparison to cotton, the Micro modal is 3 times softer and absorbs moisture much better. The cloth is long-lasting and does not shrink or pill. Modern Crew’s exclusive fabric is developed with 10% spandex, which makes it 360 degrees stretchable and 2 times stretchable than any underwear available in the market. This ensures that your underwear always fit you greatly!

Micro Modal is increasingly becoming popular for garments because it dyes easily and does not fade as readily as many other fabrics. It also retains its shape well because it is made of beech wood trees, which is more durable than many other fabrics.

So, if you have decided to enjoy the most luxurious and perfect innerwear, then Modern Crew’s Micro modal underwear must be your pick. It will be worth every penny spent and you will surely get the best return on your investment. What are you waiting for then? Go to our website now, and add them to your wardrobe now!