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Micro-Modal Underwear - Luxury or Hype

  • Modern Crew

Luxury underwear brands have switched to a unique fabric known as Micro-Modal for unmatched comfort and increased durability. This natural fibre, made from the European beechwood tree, offers a range of special advantages found only in this micro-modal fabric.

Micro-Modal is distinguished from rival fabrics by dimensional stability, unmatched soft contact, and hygroscopic properties. With over 200 men's underwear labels around the world, knowing what to look for in a pair is key to your optimum comfort.

Luxury underwear all the way!

For men, the art of handcrafted underwear is more than just a garment. It's a representation of self-worth, an admiration that goes into luxury products for technologically driven design. You know the difference as you slip on a pair of micro-modal underwear.

Underwear businesses have rebranded cotton to keep up with the trend keeping the costs luxury innerwear low. Micro-Modal provides a 50% higher absorbency quality relative to cotton. This fibre makes the ideal underwear for warm weather and hard workouts when combined with moisture-wicking properties. Keeping your skin with a new, silky feel.

Modern Crew’s Micro-Modal

Without a doubt, Modern Crew's micro-modal is the perfect fabric for men's innerwear. The fabric is 3 times smoother in contrast to cotton and absorbs moisture better. The fabric does not shrink and is long-lasting. Modern Crew’s exclusive fabric is made with 10% spandex, making it 360 degrees stretchable and 2 times more stretchable than any underwear available in the market.

The increased structural integrity of underwear is designed to last longer with Modern Crew’s micro-modal. The buying of underwear would go from a job to an experience. Wearing micro-modal underwear is an experience of its own. We wanted to create our underwear from a fabric that's exciting to wear, as part of our conviction that Underwear is Art, and Micro Modal was the only reasonable option to accomplish that.

Is it worth investing in Luxury underwear?

Investing in a pair of luxury underwear provides a variety of advantages in defiance to the traditional cotton briefs. Luxury brands have switched to micro-modal for enhanced consistency with the vividness of colour, luxury comfort and lightweight construction. You should definitely consider the micro-modal fabric if you've been looking to invest in a new pair of luxury underwear.

One thing is to hear about the convenience of micro-modal, but wearing a pair of underwear that is so cozy that you won't want to take them off is something different altogether. The only way to fully appreciate micro-modal’s unequalled warmth and softness is to wear a pair for yourself. Shop from Modern Crew now!