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Micro Modal: Best Fiber for Luxury Underwear

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Men just like women are also very selective when it comes to choosing their intimate wear.  As selective as they are, they know the fabric used is as important as the style, colour and fitting. 

Fabric is one of the most important attributes as it not only defines comfort but also hygiene and other intimate area issues. No guy wants to endure the scratchy, rough discomfort of low-quality fabric in his underwear. It’s a proven study that fabrics are important for underwear and actually play an important role in a person’s hygiene and skin sensitivity. 

Though, many fabrics are used in underwear garments but when it comes to luxury underwear mostly two fabrics rule the roost that is Micro Modal and Supima Cotton. The reason being they are very soft, incredibly comfortable, non-pilling, manage moisture well and release body heat to keep you cool. 

From its comfort to its functionality, Micro Modal is hard to beat. With unparalleled softness and moisture-wicking capabilities, it’s perfect for everything from your special date night undies to your daily innerwear. 

The Feel of Micro Modal 

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The first thing to know about Micro Modal is that it is a kind of microfiber. Microfiber is also a fibre with a diameter of <10 micrometres (that’s about 10X times finer than average human hair strand). It’s also much finer than cotton fibre.

Micro Modal is so soft and silky against the skin that, for most guys, wearing it is the only way to understand how comfortable it is. Far softer than cotton, Micro Modal has the sensation of silk. It’s cool to the touch, glides over the body easily, and won’t feel scratchy, even against the most sensitive parts of your body.

Since Micro Modal is so soft to the touch, you’ll be able to tell the difference between it and other kinds of underwear as soon as you put them on. At the end of the day, rather than rushing to get undressed, you’ll find that your intimate areas will still be comfortable in Micro Modal.

Modern Crew’s Micro Modal  


The raw material for micro modal is sourced from Beechwood trees grown in Europe, and some parts of Asia. In the end, the fabric is extremely soft, luxurious, moisture-wicking, breathable and ideal for everyday use. It is also 3 times softer than cotton and much better in absorbing moisture. The fabric is also durable, does not fade with qualities like non-piling and non-shrinking.

Modern crew has further developed this fiber and added 10% spandex which makes it 2X stretchable than most of the fabrics available in the market and imparts 360 degrees stretchability. Micro Modal fabric is almost 90% bio-degradable and is more sustainable to produce as it consumes up to 20 times lesser resources than regular cotton.

Let your intimate wears be extremely comfortable and stretchable with MODERN CREW underwear made out of the best premium luxury fabric Micro Modal.