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Gents Undergarments for Summer

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Men’s undergarment industry is one of the biggest billion-dollar industries. Over the years it has done wonders and promoted significant factors such as Fashion, Comfort, and Appeal. Even though these three factors are critical for any innerwear purchase, comfort becomes an essential necessity in summers.

Innerwear comfort is the first and foremost necessity. The comfort of the underwear is related to the size, climate, and fabric used. Gent’s undergarment which adapts to body’s temperature provides a greater comfort by keeping you warm in winter and cool and dry in summer.

Colours also play a significant role in the innerwear sector. Summer, therefore, calls for some cool and calm colours. There have been studies which prove that colours of intimate wear actually help in boosting confidence. Researchers have also said that the undergarments for men have changed and evolved so much with time that they now have more concentration on Colour and Comfort.

At Modern Crew, we provide you with International design and luxury quality with a lot of variety.

Jet Black Underwear

In general, black is a rather refined colour for clothing. Black exudes confidence and is also quite sophisticated. It is a good colour choice for formal occasions (think black tie). Because black is a very sleek colour for men’s underwear, it’s going to work for any occasion in which you need to be a little dressier.

Quarry Underwear

Light off-white underwear is setting the trend now. You can’t get much more classic than this underwear. The colour has a timeless feel to it, though that doesn’t mean it’s dated. Clean lines and a sophisticated design can keep it quite modern. Much like black underwear, off-white underwear has stood the test of time because of its versatility. This colour underwear works well with any skin tone.

Blue Lagoon Underwear

Blue is a happy medium between off-white and black underwear. It’s not quite as formal as black underwear, but it is still colour with depth, so it will draw the eye more than off-white underwear. It’s dressy enough that you can wear it with business casual attire, but, like off-white underwear, is also a good choice for daily wear. It allows you to show that you are fun but still refined.

Apart from colour, the Fabric has also played a huge role in turning the gent’s garments into what it is today. Not only the style of the flaps but also the types of fabric used have also changed. Micro modal, Supima cotton etc. are now a part of the industry. And since our innerwear are made from Micro Modal fabric, they are breathable and excellent in soaking sweat which keep you comfortable all day long.

Modern Crew provides you with the best of everything with their amazing gent’s undergarment collection. From fabric to comfort and from style to colour Modern Crew satisfies your entire Undergarment buying list. The essentials are very important thus, ever box ticked is necessary.

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