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Briefs or Trunks – What suits you best?

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It is a fact that the first piece of clothing you put on every day is your underwear.But picking the best underwear type for your body can be a bit tricky. There are many factors that play a part when you decide if you should purchase briefs or trunks. 

In the end, nothing but your style, comfort and confidence are the most important factors in picking the right outfit for you.

Briefs and trunks- they come in all colors and shapes, but which one to wear? Here are some tips to choose the best suited for you.

You would think it is the easiest decision of the day to make, but it is more complicated than it seems. Due to its concealed nature, not a lot of people devote a considerable amount of time selecting the type of underwear they should wear. As a result, they end up wearing the most uncomfortable inner all day.

Why choose Briefs?

Briefs are flexible and without a doubt the most classic innerwear. They completely cover your package and backside, leaving much of the thigh open. Since there is no excess cloth, briefs can be worn comfortably (especially when made from the finest quality you can find) with practically any outfit. Briefs will also provide you with substantial assistance to keep things in order.

classic innerwear

In addition to their versatility, briefs provide a very unique silhouette by providing less fabric and showing more of the thigh. Your whole leg is visible as briefs are cut at the top of the thigh. A brief will attract attention to the legs and nicely accentuate them for guys with toned legs.

Why choose Trunks?

Trunks have grown in prominence in recent years. They offer tremendous warmth and protection, much like shorts, but they also provide more coverage. Trunks have more padding than briefs, covering the top fourth or so of your thigh, but none of the extra fabric is loose, making it easy for trunks under almost any outfit to be smooth and relaxed. They can also be worn for mild physical exercise.


Guys with thin legs or flatter behind will benefit from trunks. Trunks make a square shape, so they add a more rugged look to the body. Trunks will also be a really flattering choice if you have toned legs.

Now, decide what suits you the best!

We hope these tips would make it easier for you to decide which underwear style suits you the best. So, shop now!