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Breathable Underwear- How does it help you?

  • Shivesh Verma

For a man, the most uncomfortable feeling is when his assets become moist and they start smelling bad. A long day at work, or long day of travel can generally bring down a lot of sweat. And who would want to witness such a scene after a stressful day. 

There are so many factors that come into play when you’re choosing the right pair of underwear. You choose from styles, fabrics, colors etc. But there’s one factor that might be more important than any other if you want your privates to always stay healthy, and that is, breathability. Be it the foul smell, or uncomfortable sweat, or the worst of all- Itching and rashes, Breathable underwear makes all the difference. But unfortunately, most of the gents’ undergarments out there are made of very limited breathable or synthetic materials. Not only are they terribly uncomfortable, but such a garment can also minimize ventilation.

Now you would definitely think, what makes an underwear breathable? And if it is just about breathability then why can’t you just go commando to solve the problem. Well to answer the latter part first, the extra air and space does not help keeping your privates safe, rather you’re actually putting yourself at a higher risk of infection. Coming to the former part then, the answer is Fabric. If it’s not the right fabric that it should be, you’ll be cursing yourself towards the end of the day for ever buying that underwear in the first place. While all your peers will be out there having fun, you’ll be stuck with itch and rashes all around your private parts. 

So what fabric should you go for then? Micro-Modal. Always micro-modal. The structure of the fabric not only leaves plenty of room for your skin to get fresh air, the micro-pores inside the fabric quickly absorb any lingering moisture giving you freshness throughout the day.


Modern crew’s gents undergarments are made from the Micro-modal fabric which is a naturally sourced fiber made from Beech wood trees grown in Europe. It is soft, luxurious, moisture wicking, breathable and ideally suited for a great underwear. And since they are made from the trees, they are good for the environment too. That way not only you’re investing in your own well-being, but also contributing to the wellness of the environment.

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